Monday, July 02, 2007

Umm.. Good Game?

Not from me at least. Not even out of the first level when I found pocket tens in the SB. (Note, hand history is from memory here, so it's probably a bit off). Bone Daddy puts out some odd-numbered raise (probably hammer-related), and I call. RecessRampage calls behind me. Flop comes 9TK rainbow and I check. Recess bets around 200 into the 300-something pot, BD folds and I smooth call. Turn is 3c putting the flush draw on the board, I bet > 1/2 the pot and recess thinks before raising over 1000 more. I "push" (accidentally left 28 chips behind) and Recess raises me all-in, I call. Sure enough, he flips over JQc, river (8s) is no help and that's all she wrote.

No need to tell me what a complete donk I was, I know. If I wasn't at a friend's place for a BBQ, I'd have spent a while berating myself for my play.

I convinced myself (even though I knew better) that JQ wasn't out there and Recess was playing a strong king. Even if that WAS the case, there was no reason to go broke that early in the tournament. There were tons of opportunities for me to get away, and I stupidly played myself to 2nd last.

Then I watched as illuminators worked their craft and set the sky ablaze.


Irongirl01 said...

yes but I beat you to the Gigli award barely.. See my post!! set over set again.. two Sundays in a row I get sent to the rail early. SO much for only about 1 every 100 times two people will flop sets with pocket pairs

Where is the barbecue menu?

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Btw you are not saying that you think you should have folded trips on that flop, are you? I always find a flopped set of any kind to be very difficult to get away from, and on this board it required a precise two-card inside straight in order for you to be effed. I'm not saying you had to go broke, but it's a pretty terrible and rare setup that sees one player flop trips when another flops a two-card inside straight draw.

Astin said...

Yah, the schadenfreude of not being Gigli was the only thing that was a plus IG. Sorry. :)

Hoy - Not at all, I knew that JQ was a possibility, but the odds against it were definitely in my favour. There was no reason for me to go broke that early though. I could have either walked away or smooth-called the re-raise on the turn instead of putting in all my chips. Especially since I haven't known Alan to be one to put his tournament life at risk that early with bluffs.