Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Poker is for Chumps

That's why I won't be playing any tonight. No. Wait. That's not why. I just feel like taking the night off poker, since I plan to go long into the night playing the BBT Freeroll tomorrow! Victory shall be mine!

If by victory I mean "going out somewhere in the middle of the pack after donking away my stack on stupid plays and then losing a race with my last handful of chips."

Yes, my new persepective on things like "1st place" and "victory" is making this game much more entertaining.


RaisingCayne said...

Good luck finding "victory" Wednesday night! Nice big finish at the Hoy too, (I guess I was second to more than just Waffles.)

Thanks for the comment over at my new blog. By no means did you "sound like an ass" with your remark regarding my idiocy. I was honestly expecting to catch MUCH more flack for my absolutely inexcusable ignorance. I'm finding the blogger community here to be a friendly bunch.

I have NO idea why I 'advertised' my idiocy with the post, (?) and am deleting it to help in my getting it behind me. I'm getting more and more "over it" by the minute. Money will come and go, lessons learned need to stay. Hope your reading about my utter stupidity doesn't lead to too many conclusions about me. I think my naïveté may have SOME bounds.

Anyway, it's under the bridge. I'm rebounding financially and am already able to laugh about it. I'm such a tool.

I enjoy your blog! Keep up the entertaining posts! See you around. Good luck.

Astin said...

Someone once said we keep score in poker with money. I guess all my fancy high-level super-genius math doesn't get me paid. Alas. Perhaps the world just can't handle my superior intellect. :)

Keep that post up. Better to have to look back and remind you of your mistakes than try and forget them. Plus, it keeps a searchable record of this loser who rooked ya.