Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Pattern Forming...

First off - Hoy's cashed in the 50-50 again. Who knows where he'll end up? I say 1st.
Update not 10 min later - Hoy's in 1st of 42 after QQ became a rivered straight against AK (rivered K) and 88. Then later getting AQd to river a straight. Astinbayne anyone?

Update at 2:56am - Dammit Hoy, why you gotta keep me awake? Beat everyone already! 4th of 12 at the break, 3rd-6th pretty tight. Glad I took a nap earlier.

Update at 3:15 - Out 9th for $775 A2c vs AKo, 2 clubs on the flop, 2 offsuit sixes on the turn and river. Two final tables in two days. Congrats!

Kat is sitting in the top 3 of the Mookie after seeking help from my powers.
Update - Kat finishes 2nd! Booya! Congrats! Congrats to Crazdgamer for taking down 1st!

LJ is heads-up with Jeciimd in the Dookie.
Update - LJ wins it! When did you become a stud player? :) Congrats!

Congrats to them all.


I think I made one mistake in the Mookie, and it didn't cost me much. I let Jordan get to his rivered gutshot by checking the turn. I KNEW he was on a draw, and was hoping he'd bluff at air. Instead, he bet enough that I could easily afford to call and give him chips.

Then my 66 went down to Jeciimd's AQo, with the money in pre-flop. A on the turn. THAT hurt.

Stayed alive for a few more hands, and then found TT, usually gold in the Mookie. Unless Jecii has pocket rockets to and catches his 3rd ace on the flop. Now THAT is getting astinbayned, or astinbayning (are Bayne or I even allowed to use that term?), depending on your perspective. He who lives by the aces...

And yes, I saw 3 AA, 1 KK, 2 QQ, 1 AK, and some other pocket pairs. This time they were spread out. The aces and ladies got me almost nothing more than blinds, the KK paid off well, and the AK was good for a chunk of Kat's stack. But what I'm much happier about is how I played without the premium cards. I totally felt like my game was back. I still need a LITTLE bit of tweaking, but it's almost there. I was on top for most of the tournament, and didn't let it go without a fight. That's two blogger games in a row where I got crippled by rivers or my money was in ahead, and ended up going out with the best I could hope for with a short stack. No shame in that.

Once I'm back to where I want to be... I'll start improving my game.


lj said...

i'm a fan of astinbaynage -- "that was some serious astinbaynage when you had AA v. KK and AA v. AK two hands in a row."

how did the 66 v. AQ go down? if you've still got a lot of chips, why commit so many on a race, even though technically you're "ahead." TT v. AA sucks, it was just your astinage being turned against you. the poker gods were spreading the love last night. : )

Astin said...

I don't remember how the 66 vs AQ went down, and I don't have the hand history here. I think it went:

I raised 66 in EP, Jec pushed, and I called figuring I was up against a draw. I probably should have folded, especially against Jec, but I'd seen him make that raise a few times in a short period and figured he put me on a steal.

Alternately, I pushed over him and he called. I'll have to check... but that actually sounds more accurate and believable.

bayne_s said...

I think you are still allowed to use AstinBayne, I rarely get premium cards so I don't get to use the term.