Thursday, July 26, 2007

You Already Know How This Ends

2200hrs. Cards are in the air. Laundry is getting transferred from washer to dryer. Dryer sheet? Check. Detergent for the next load? Check. Ok. Run down the hall, take the corner to the office a little fast, but make it. Oh nos! Big Blind! What? Hammer? Sweet. I'm back! No! Limped in. This is bad. 7 on the flop! Also, an ace. Check, bet, call. Brick. Bet, call. Hrm? Brick. Check Check. A4? You called my 2/3 turn bet with A4? Worst hammer play ever.

30 minutes pass. I'm sitting merrily in 5th with around 4200 chips. AA got nothing, QQ okay, JJ not bad, AK also alright. Most chips from middling hands that caught. No need to steal much this early, especially since I'm starting to astin, little bit of bayneage as well.

Hmm... why haven't I had to do anything for a few minutes? Flop hasn't changed. Buddydank Radio still going. Uh oh. Shut down Tilt. Clickclick. Not connecting? Crap. Tragedy picks me to win. Great, if only I could play. Not my end. I know this scenario. Happened a few weeks ago. Tilt is fucked. Get back on. Still stuck. Radio says Tilt knows, will be fixed. Ha, and my middle name is Gertrude. Right. Time passes. 10 minutes. 20 minutes. Half an hour. People getting testy. Soon! Soon! 10 minutes! Right. I'll take the over. Please don't sing More Than Words Buddy. This sucks, Waffles gets back in. 40 min. 45. One hour! So toast. Aaaaaand it's over. Everyone logs off. G'night.

So, when's the rain date?


Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

No word yet on the reschedule, but we'll let you know.

My favorite part of your post?

"30 minutes pass. I'm sitting merrily in 5th with around 4200 chips. AA got nothing, QQ okay, JJ not bad, AK also alright."

AA, QQ, JJ and AK in 30 minutes in the first round of a blonkament. You must love poker man.

Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean said...

You card rack you.

I agree with you, the thing that sucks is that Waffles gets back in.

Dammit, I knew you could get some cards and bring the funkity funk!


At least I didn't let Buddy pick you!


Astin said...

Had to put that in there. I may post a starting hand history when I get home.

I was just getting in a groove too. Ah well. FT policy is that you get a redo and all the good cards back, right?