Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fat Kid + Smartie

So I played a little poker last night after all. At least I got out of the house first, had some remarkably tasty vegetarian dinner (so often do I find a lack of meat bland), watched a movie, and THEN played poker.

Oddly enough, I blame the fact I needed something to do while chatting. So does that mean I'm addicted to the community and not the game?

Probably not. Bunch of degenerates.

A few $10 SnGs (bubble, gigli, 2nd), a $5 SnG with Kat and 23skidoo, and then popping into a blogger 0.05/0.10 cash table for both shits AND giggles. More than doubled my $10 there, what a sweet ROI.

If I recall, Fuel, Hoy, LJ, and Waffles were there. Bayne and Mookie arrived later to the party after most of the guests had left.

As is often the case, much fun was had at the expense of the donkeys that didn't know what they were in for. Waffles chasing (and hitting) inside straights, Fuel liking his 3:1 odds just fine thank you, me cardracking like usual, Hoy getting his sets beat up, LJ honestly believing Aces were good against me after a flop that only a luckbox donkey would have the straight on. As one guy put it, "that's this table - you can't raise enough."

My favourite moment of the night, and one of the best poker-related laughs I've had in a while:

Hoy and Fuel are in a hand. Hoy with TT, Fuel with some quasi-connected cards. In the end, Hoy with a set, Fuel with a straight draw, Hoy's $6 into a $12 pot, Fuel calls and wins. Remember this was $0.05/$0.10 so that's equivalent to $600 into a $1200 pot at 5/10... right?

Fuel make a comment along the lines of "I had the odds to call."

This sets off one of the fish in this tank. He calls Fuel an idiot, says that he knows nothing about odds, etc., etc.. Fuel responds with an incredulous, "$6 to make $18?"

And then the comment of the night from fishboy...


"You put in half that money idiot."


Yes sir, Fuel had missed the memo that redifined pot odds as "the ratio of how much money it will take for you to see another card vs the money currently in the pot, minus whatever you have already put in."

Oh how I laughed.

Maybe I was already in a good mood from the $1 90-man SnG I was donking around in where I decided to play only premium hands and crap. I somehow got to the river with J8 on a board that completely whiffed me, and pushed all-in for about 3/5 of the pot. Buddy folds and decides to start putting me on a hand. "You had the 7, right? I had 88... should've called." "A7? something like that. I've been sucked out on so much that I'm gunshy now."

How do you respond? I said, "better scared than broke I guess." I mean, everyone knows that scared poker is winning poker, right?

In a followup to an earlier post - Lindsay Lohan is innocent! She says so. "I am innocent... did not do drugs they're not mine." Obviously she was just holding the illegal narcotics for a friend. They'd be right back. Seriously. In other news - Lindsay Lohan is still an idiot.

See 55 of my fellow donkeys tonight at the BBT FREEROLL.


Pokerwolf said...

Probably not. Bunch of degenerates.

Denial is the first step, Astin! Fess up and bask in the glory of degeneracy!

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Fuel makes calls like that at any level. I saw him make a sick call at 2-4NL based purely on pot odds. That's high variance poker for ya.