Wednesday, July 04, 2007


As stated a couple posts ago, I'm only going to play in the 26k and Fifty-Fifty for the next while if I satellite into them. My favourite means of doing this for the "fiddy" is via the $2 rebuy satellite. Last week I got in with a $4 investment, and last night it cost me a grand total of $6. Yes, I got lucky a couple times, but I built up a HUGE stack with around 40 people left and continued to build it until there were 18 left. To the point where I had over 60,000 chips at the 400/800 + ante level, and 2nd place had less than 30k. I love rebuys.

This came in handy as all of a sudden my tournament froze. My connection didn't drop. I checked out some cash games and they were fine. All the other tournaments had stopped though. I figured this was a problem on Full Tilt's side. I waited. No notice, no message... nothing. I finally quit the client and logged back in.

I found myself sitting in 4th of 6 left at the final table with around 40k in chips left, having sat out for 12 eliminations (top 15 paid, 13 were entries). I said "whoops" and proceeded to go all-in for the next 3 hands until I was knocked out, happy with my successful satellite. Thank goodness for huge stacks.

Then FT finally acknowledged there were problems and suspended all tournaments. Then they cancelled them. Then they shut down for maintenance. Whoops. I did, however, get the $55 buy-in for the 50-50 refunded back to me, which was nice since I only paid $6.25 for it. I think that's my second best net profit on the Fifty... and definitely my best ROI :).


BTW - Happy Fourth to all you Yanks out there. We had our fireworks on Sunday here in the Great White North.


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That's one way to cash in the 50/50. HaHa...

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