Thursday, July 19, 2007

Live Play and Disbelief

Didn't play a lick on online poker last night. Instead, I went to the club and tossed some physical chips around. Out after the first break in the tournament and off to the cash game. KJ raised pre-flop and re-raised all-in for barely any more hurt me... I didn't want to call, but pot odds and all that. I almost had the rivered straight though. Then I turned 125 chips into 500 at the the last hand before the break with A2 becoming trips on the flop against 3 other players.

Anyway, the cash game was an exercise in patience as I spent 3 1/2 hours mostly folding the absolute crap I had in front of me and facing all kinds of aggression on the boards. A turned boat vs my turned nut flush didn't help things, but in the end I ended up leaving the night down a little less than the tournament buy-in as I started catching playable hands towards the end. Once I was over my buy-in, I called it a night.

Got home and railed LJ in her FTOPS #8 satellite, which she unfortunately came in 2nd when there was only one entry. Good game though. Silently watched Don go out 82nd in the Fifty-Fifty too (that sounds stalkeresque), and caught some of the Mookie's final table. Then went to bed. Very exciting.


Saw this article on AlterNet. Yah, yah... Liberal bias and all that. I take everything I read with a large grain of salt and have a solid bullshit detector. Still, this annoyed the hell out of me. While I hope that some of what is recounted was said tongue-in-cheek, it's obvious most of it wasn't. Where do people come from that they are so sheltered, insulated, and brainwashed that they believe the kind of shit they were spewing? I don't think ANYTHING annoys me more than unfounded arrogance. If you're Stephen Hawking and want to be a prick about how much you know about theoretical cosmology... more power to you. If you're some rich Republican who daddy got into Yale and barely passed whatever piss-easy courses you took and can't read anything beyond the National Review, then please spare me your tired, unfounded, uneducated, ignorant views on the world.

BTW - this chart should come as no surprise. I believe the correct term is "Canadian". Funny how I can't stand the Liberal Party here, think the NDP are morons, and wish the Progressive Conservatives still existed on a federal level instead of the right-wing nutjobs who call themselves the Conservative party. Um... go Green?


Alan aka RecessRampage said...

LOL - that's too funny. But come on... what did you expect? It's almost like going to a KKK meeting and feeling offended that they hate black people.

Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean said...

"Gotcha... face your fears, reap the rewards, kids are assholes."

Note to self, must send Astin a Alton Brown lookalike stripogram!

You're not a stalker, you are an encourager! Stalking comes when you follow them everywhere, sticks a knife in the door and tell your (now ex-wife) that if you she can't have you, that no one can have you.

Strangely sounds like I've had that happen to me before.

Any night where you can walk away entertained and even is a good night

Astin said...

Alan - yah, I know, but I don't like the KKK either :).

IT - Only if he/she/it can cook too. Then I'll get them to sign all my Alton Brown books.