Saturday, July 21, 2007

Plan B

Didn't get any poker in live last night. Instead I played the roller coaster that is craps all night. Then gave some money to the slots. Funfun.

Anyway, got home, donked around in some PLO, and lost 1/2 my HUGE roll.


Today, 4 $1 tourneys. Cashes in one. Roll at $2.22.

So I played the "guess the number" game where I just have to put in the right combination and how much money I want, and I win! It's awesome.

So yah, I reloaded. Then I dropped a massive $4.25 (buy-in + add-on) into the $2 50-50 rebuy and took 1st in the thing. Naturally it was all luck at the end that is the all-in fest after the spots are paid. I took some satisfaction from beating the two dorks that decided they wanted to win though. Push, push, push, quads, push, push. :)

So let's see how the "fiddy" goes tonight with my massive $4.25 buy-in.

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