Thursday, July 19, 2007

Falstaff + Bike + Kilt = Hilarity?

Go HERE. NOW. DONATE. Our Vegas organizer extraordinaire needs your money so he can win a new bike so he can ride it endlessly. The more you give, the more he'll have to sweat and pedal in circles! Who doesn't want to see pictures of Falstaff exhausted, sweating, 100 lbs lighter, in a kilt, next to a shiny new bike that we helped him win? Every $50 = 3 miles. I added 6 miles to his tally. Let's see him act your way out of this one. Okay, he said nothing about the kilt.

Also, the money goes to cancer research. While normally I'm not a fan of researching cancer (I think it's already pretty powerful, so I tend to give money to its nemesis.. reasearch for a CURE for cancer), it's worth it in this case.

So, instead of tossing $50 or $100 or $400 into the gaping maw of some donkey, give it to our boy Falstaff and make him your biking monkey.


bayne_s said...

Nice kill earlier this week

Astin said...

21 year-old punk named Sorel. Piece of cake :). All you need is KK vs 99.