Sunday, July 22, 2007

At Least Dinner Was Tasty

So, the 50-50 lasted until I was in the 500's. Ah well.

Then I played a $20 SnG... got hurt, went out 4th. Was on mini-tilt about some tool calling me for a bluff while the hand was STILL LIVE. I won it anyway.

Went to bed. Woke up at the crack of 2pm, and got on with my day.

Dinner tonight - Tri-tip sirloin fajitas. What? I bastardized tri-tip that way? Yup! It was cheap, and I didn't want straight-up steak. They were great.

Not sure if it was the fresh cilantro, the lime juice to finish, my brilliant array of spices, or the home-made tortillas (a la Robert Rodriguez), but they were good.

Back to the 28k with Chad at my table. Let's see how this works.

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lj said...

tri tip fajitas? yummmmmmm.