Saturday, July 07, 2007

One Will Stand...

Saw Transformers last night. Like all boys born in the mid-late 70's, I loved the toys, cartoon, etc, etc.. If only I could find my original Optimus Prime. Anyway, quick review: Walk in, turn off your brain, and expect nothing more than giant transforming robots, a few nods to the fans, and lots of action and explosion. Toss in a few cheesy lines, some surprisingly passable acting from Shia LeBouf, the hotness that is Megan Fox (I'm sure thinking that like that is borderline illegal since she plays a 16 year old, even if she's really 21), and damn if I wasn't 11 years old again and loving it. Michael Bay will never win an Oscar for best movie, acting, screenplay or the like, but he knows how to make things go BOOM and make it entertaining.

So yah... go see it, just don't try thinking.

Still have to get out to see Live Free or Die Hard.


Reason to love Absolute Poker - I haven't even logged in for months. I get a "we miss you" e-mail. My account that formerly had $2 in it now has $12 because they missed me so much :). I think I have a mission now.


And now to stop writing and see if I can help my super-awesome friend who is killing herself sanding the side of doors nobody will see because she's a crazy perfectionist. Takes one to know one. The difference being that I'M lazy :).

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