Monday, July 16, 2007

Leave Them Alone!

First - congrats to Don for taking 13th in the 24k. Yah, it's "only" a few hundred bucks for hours of work, but it was an impressive run. One thing I don't get - KJo? DON played KJo? Was this a "well, it always works againts me." moment? Anyway, running into KK with it is just about as bad as it gets.

And welcome to Dillo over on the side bar. He's been doing the blogging thing for about a month now, and looks like he started it so he could get in on the BBT. This is why the point system, the freeroll, and all the rest are good things - it not only reinforces, but builds the little community that we have here and enjoy. No, I don't know him. He's yet another Aussie in our midst. Another radio guy too.

Anyway... the point of this post. As I lamented earlier, I got crippled in the Midnight Madness on Friday with an unfortunate hand. I'm not bitter, and it was far from the worst beat imaginable (Don's AA vs AA in the Orleans comes to mind as worse). In the end, I got the money in with the best of it and lost to one of 13 outs the guy had. This isn't what this is about.

It's about Phil Gordon. Also, Wil Wheaton, Chris Ferguson, Joe Hachem, Daniel Negreanu, and every other poker celebrity that plays online. How the hell do you do it?

Most of the players in the blogger events played in the Wheatie when it was running on Poker Stars before Wil was dropped. If you found yourself at Wil's table, you could forget about either (a) playing well or (b) following the chat. You had to choose, because the damned chat never stopped. It was the same with Phil, except with less asshattery. Nonstop chatter, the most INANE questions imaginable, and sycophants out the wazoo. The thing is, I don't think that any of the affiliated pros can shut off their chat entirely, because it would be bad ambassadorship.

People TYPING ONLY IN CAPS because what they have to say is SO IMPORTANT. "Hey Phil, do you know *insert pro he's played with here*?" "How much have you won?" "Why are you playing a $10 tournament?" "Are you still in the WSOP?" (really?? You think he'd be sitting at his computer at 11pm Vegas time playing a $10 tournament if he was in the ME?) "I think you're the greatest player ever." "You suck." "Oh, I know so-and-so's boyfriend, if they owe you money, I can get it for you."

The BEST question I saw? "Where can I buy the blue book so you get the most money?"

Phil pointed the guy to a cancer research fundraising site so the proceeds would go to charity instead.

I was mightily impressed by one other thing. Some tool was SAYING THE FUNNIST THINGS EVAR and was annoying everyone, including Phil, with his insults. He got one warning from Mr. Gordon - "Shut up now or your account will be banned. Don't even bother typing another line at this table." Idiot responds with how HE WAS JUST JOKING and more lines about how Phil can't take a joke... and is then silent. "Don't worry, his account is now banned." THAT, my friends, is power at the table. :)

Anyway, I'm digressing. The point is this - how the hell can anyone concentrate with an endless line of people trying to get your attention with the most unimportant things possible? It would be great if it was just, "Hey Mr. Pro. I think you're great." or other such flattery. But please people, the pros ARE NOT YOUR BEST FRIENDS! It's fantastic that in our little world the superstars are approachable, and generally friendly and accomodating, but they're still people. They should be treated with respect and then left alone. Rail them, sweat them, cheer them on. Don't annoy them.

Especially when I'm at their table. It pisses me off. :)

See you at the MATH. I'll be the guy going out within 4 places of making the final table after holding a chip lead that I could have folded to the money with.

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Irongirl01 said...

funny you mention this Astin. I had the same thing happen with the railbirds at a wwdn with Wil at my table ( and Kat was too I think). I mentioned to Wil that he had it bad and he said IG this is nothing compared to what the pros on Full Tilt get. I blogged about it being annoying and actual called the railbirds short bus riders