Friday, July 20, 2007

Finally, A Challenge!

For some reason, I decided to toss most of my remaining and greatly dwindled bankroll into the Fifty-Fifty last night instead of being productive (although I did get a bunch of things out of the way first). I went out 583rd or something like that when the table's resident donkey struck with his pocket fives and turned a set. Really? Presto? Set on the turn? Who the hell plays that crap? :)

Of course, he went out about 10 minutes and 60 places later because he's a complete tool who got some sick rivers on retarded hands. He should have gone broke at least 3 or 4 times before he knocked me out.


This left me with... wait for it... a whopping... $5.57 in my FT account. So what's a guy to do at 11:20pm on a Thursday with just enough for a $5 SnG to do? Jump into a 45 runner $5 SnG of course! Then, he needs to play tight, then steal a bit, then somehow extract maximum value from his aces against the big stack with bets and calls on a paired board, and eventually hold on tight until enough people drop before him so he can JUST make the money and proudly look at the over $11 now sitting in his account.

Tonight I'm off to Fallsview to gamble with real chips, so I believe I will make Saturday a challenge day. The plan is simple - play poker pretty much all day and rebuild the roll into something a bit more respectable. If I fail miserably (which I inevitably will now that I've stated my goals), then I can always reload and try to not be a fool with my money. This may require multi-tabling and a mix of larger and smaller fields at donktastic levels. Or I could toss it all into 1 $10 tournament and cross my fingers. Yah, cash is king, but am I really going to play at $0.05/0.10 level?

But I like a challenge, and am at my prime under pressure, so it will be $11 worth of fun.


Fuel55 said...

Always on the turn baby!

alan said...

If you're going to try to build up from $10, and know anything at all about Omaha, try the .05/.10 PLO games. I don't consider myself an Omaha player at all, but the people playing that level are absolutely awful.


Astin said...

Yes... always on the turn. If it was you at the table, I crash the program I fold so fast. :)

Let's see. I know the rules, I know it's a game of the nuts, something about implied odds... and I know I always read my hand wrong. :)

Not a bad suggestion at all.

lj said...

well, you may have better luck than me, but i recommend staying the hell away from cash. i would have built my bankroll hugely yesterday doing exactly what you just described (playing lots of larger and smaller fields) if not for getting stacked a few times.

i gotta say, i LOVED that $1 mtt that i played. obv you have to avoid even donkier players than in the 28k, etc. but i was amazed at how seriously some of the players were taking it, and i made 94 bucks for my effort. one player even yelled at another in chat for trying to induce a call. it was adorable.

i also love the 90 person double stack for 5 or 10 bucks which pays to 18, and it lasts awhile so you can play other tourneys at the same time.


bayne_s said...

My bankroll would be so much higher if I never played Omaha!

How do you not get paid off more on your greater lucksac aura?