Tuesday, July 24, 2007

How I Won The Hoy

To the casual observer, I finished in 21st place in the MATH last night. While technically correct, I like to think of it as a win.

You see, there were 33 runners, so 21st is in the top 2/3rds! If there were only 3 players, I would have been 2nd! Or squarely in the middle. So 21st is equivalent to 17th, or 52nd percentile. Now if there were only 2 players, that works out to around 1.04, and since we can't have a fractional placing, that rounds down to 1st!

See? 1st place. Pretty sweet. Where's my money? Don't make me break your kneecaps.

Congrats to Waffles for "technically" winning I guess.

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