Monday, July 23, 2007

Weak-Tight? Check

So about 2 hands into the 28k last night I got moved to Chad's table. This would be the 2nd time we've ended up at the same table in the 26/28k. 1,400 runners, 2 bloggrs 2 seats away. It boggles the mind.

Anyway, we didn't really tangle much, I think I won one small hand from him as he called down with JJ with a K on the board. We did chat a bit about the horrible players around us though. It was easily the worst table I've seen in a long time. K5o is worth calling a pre-flop raise with? A-anything is AWESOME! SOOOOTED 58!

Dumbfounding, really.

I donked off some chips to that K5 hand and some more to the 58h... because really, wtf? I then got some back with a turned flush, and then my friends AA showed up against AKc and KK and that helped a ton. My favourite hand was when I found A9s, saw the flop come 4sAd2s5sAh2s. I bet out at it, got raised, pushed, and then I re-pushed, and got called by the raiser.

Pusher flips over 45o3s4c for the straight, raiser flips over... A9h?? Really? Huh? My flush fills in twice on the turn and river and I'm laughing.

That about ended my night of fun though. I got some decent hole cards I had to throw away to bad flops and bets from the donkeys who undoubtedly caught that K with their K4, mucked small pocket pairs on low flops because I was too weak to trust my reads of AQ or similar being bet instead of a higher pair. My worst choice of the night was with 99 and an M of 15.

I'm on the button, there's a raise before me from the big stack, I re-raise, and the BB pushes. Big stack calls the push and I KNOW I'm up against a couple A-high donks. A call commits me, so it's push or fold. I figure I've still got around 10 orbits left, so I don't risk it and fold like an emaciated kitten just to see AJ and A5 get flipped over and my nines hold. From there I was screwed and went out in the 300's when my shortstack KQs met A2c and 33 and didn't improve.

MATH is tonight. I may make an appearance, I may not. Oh who am I kidding? I'll see you there.


Chad C said...

Its like that every night, just on Sunday it is worse :)

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Btw I like your fold of the 99 there and in fact under those circumstances I would say that not folding the 99 is a bad move.

See you at the MATH tonight.

lj said...

35 for the straight? finally, i get to correct something on YOUR blog!

Irongirl01 said...

lol sounds like my run in that event.. I reraised with JJ (something ive never done before mind you).. get the push am against KK.. Flop comes AAJ Yeah............... until the river kings him... Cooler but I deserved to go out on that hand lol..... I didnt even crack the top 1000... I did win the token frenzy and placed in a $5.50 90 person sng in 13th for peanuts so all was not lost but the peep.

BTW empire state poker classic is next month at turning stone.. Im thinking deep stack tourney if Neteller comes thru... Heading up there tomorrow.

Astin said...

Hoy - Yah, but it bugs me that I read it right and would have won. Hindsight and all that. Felt weak after the fact :).

LJ - Turns out I had it all wrong, so much for my infallible memory :). Although I could have sworn I put 6A2 up there. Corrected.

IG - Weekend or weekday? Although I've got a week off next month, maybe they'll coincide.

Jackie Lynn said...

Nice meeting ya at the Hoy!