Monday, July 09, 2007

Hello Monday

Well, that was a relaxing weekend. My place is cleaner, some poker was played, and I finally finished an ongoing game of phone tag. All-in-all, mild productivity was achieved. A big thanks again to my friend who was by on Saturday helping out. Now I'll see if I can pull down some poker cash to get to that dinner before the restaurant connection ups and leaves. Confusing enough for everyone else? Good.

So I've been VERY slowly (read: responsibly) building bankroll on Absolute Poker because they went and gave me $10 gratis into my $2 bankroll on the site. I only signed up to bonus whore a while back, and don't visit much. I've decided to the $0.50 + $0.10 SnG's are the way to go. Yes, that's right... for sixty cents I can win upwards of TWO dollars! Then I gave back all my winnings in a $0.05/$0.10 cash game in about 2 minutes. OH THE PAIN! Time to build it back up.

Surprisingly, the fifty cent games are played like people are serious about the money, so I've done pretty well in them. Especially since the quality of play is poor, but not completely donkish. It is... exploitable. Oh to have $20 so I can move up to the $1 games!

What can I say? I like a challenge.

Back on the real sites, it's continuing as planned. Stars is status quo because I barely play there despite having a larger roll at the site. Tilt has been a series of Level 1 failures, $6 turbo wins, and a good ROI at a blogger 0.25/0.50 cash game turned into a less good ROI on my last orbit. I told LJ as I stuck around for one orbit more that I'd lose it all before I left because I didn't leave when I said I would. I blame JEC II MD and Schaubs for my losses. If they hadn't joined, I would have left. :)

It was, however, a lesson in three things - 1) Leave when you say you're going to leave. 2) Listen to your reads when you know the guy has QQ. 3) Bet your weak made flush HARD on the turn, so that when the 4th diamond falls you don't have to fold to the all-in because every other diamond in the deck beats you.

Like I said, my cash game needs work. My 1-table SnG strategy seems to be working well though, as I'm winning more than I'm losing. I'll build a bit more there and then work in some more multi-tabling. I'm doing significantly less well in the 2-table games.

Plus, I JUST missed (cash bubble, 3 away from entry bubble) getting my $2 rebuy satellite into the Fifty-Fifty on Sunday ($10 this time). With A7o UTG, and less than the BB + 1 ante in my stack, I pushed, and only got called by the BB's A2o. I knew it was coming as soon as I saw his cards - the 2 on the river sent me home. It was just one of those days. In the end, I'm glad I missed.

I'll likely go with a couple attempts to token into the MATH tonight before buying in anyway. As well as my usual $2 rebuy to the 50-50 fun. If I have a spare token, maybe the 26k (or is it 28k now?) will come into play as well. If all goes well, I'll once again get into $97 worth of games for around $20.

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Alan aka RecessRampage said...

In regards to your comment about low stakes cash games. I sometimes join the $.25/.50 NL games on FTP when my friends are on and I noticed that there are more players who are more serious about poker than at 1/2NL. 1/2NL always has a good number of donks playing but .25/.50 seems to be the place for more serious players with less bankroll... granted, serious doesn't necessarily mean better... it just means weak tight. :)