Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Played live last night. $60 tournament at the club. 6000 starting chips, 15 min blinds, MUCH better than the $40 with the 4000 starting stack. Lots more room to play.

Of course, I didn't take advantage of it. I showed up late due to some pretty decent sushi at Sei on King St..

I took my early QQ (twice in 2 orbits) and turned them into a decent stack. Then I sat on it as the blinds increased, as I got NOTHING I was willing to steal or resteal with. Luckily, I got cards when I needed them (see previous post). Down to 4, I find two red aces in the BB vs the short-stack button all-in... and get nailed when the flop brings him his flush with a straight flush draw on his 56d. No 4th non-3 diamond to give me the higher flush and I'm down, but not out. He goes out anyway, and the remaining 3 of us battle back and forth. Finally I get chipped down, go in blind and lose. Still, $90 profit. $20 of which I gave to the dealers.

Then cash for a bit, where I left down $50 (because I stayed for "one more orbit"), but had fun. I think about $14 of the $50 loss was in tips though.

So I leave with $20 more in my pocket than when I started.

$54 profit, more than half given to others. Here's hoping it makes for good karma.


Finally bit the bullet and bought a digital SLR yesterday. Canon Rebel XTi body with an 18-200mm Sigma OS lens. It wasn't cheap though (would have saved a few hundred bucks if I'd bought in the States, but I need this for next week and didn't want to risk it). It's been years since I got my (barely-used) Canon Rebel FILM SLR, and have been using a variety of Point-and-Shoot digitals since then. After looking at friend's numerous pics with her Nikon D40x, and an me with a trip upcoming, I couldn't resist any longer.

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