Saturday, July 14, 2007


Only one hand matters.

I'm in around 23rd of 78 left of 1710 in the Midnight Madness. I've been kicking all kinds of ass with nearly no cards all night, as high as 6th, and never in the 30's after that. Phil Gordon is 2 to my left. I miss my old table, because it was sooo weak. The new one is all trying to impress Phil or something. So I'm picking my spots.

Blinds are 600/1200 ante of 150, full table. I'm not 1st in chips, but have enough to be scary.

UTG+1. Jh9c.

I raise to 3x the BB. If I get called, I'm pretty sure I'm good if I catch. If raised, I can get away easiliy
1 caller, who has 8k less than me.

Flop is 5dTdJc. I bet 4500 into the 7950 pot. Get called.
Turn is 7c.

I debate on checking, but then know I'll have to lay down to a bluff. I think he's got something, but I'm pretty sure my TP has him beat.

I bet 10,000 into the 15,950 pot.

Moron pushes for 15,228 total. I have to call the remaining 5228 now. I figure I'm outkicked, serves me right.

Idiot flips over TcQc. To recap:

Calls 2.3:1 against preflop with a hand that is 1.37:1 against a random hand. I guess if he's put me on ATC, this is okay (although I'd been much less obvious at this table). I don't really blame him here.

Calls 2.8:1 with middle pair, backdoor flush draw. (I'm now a 3:1 favourite) I think I lay this down if facing a bigger stack than mine.

Pushes 15k into a 26950 pot facing someone who has bet on every street, with second pair, flush draw. I obviously call (2.4:1 favourite, 8:1 pot odds). I maybe do this if I have any sort of fold equity against my opponent, which he doesn't.

River, of course, comes 5c. I'm crippled to 8k.


"sorry man, turned myself into that one had to push it."


"you didn't have to call the other two."

I get moved to another table, and go out a few hands later from the BB in 73rd for $32.49.. or about 3x the buy-in.

I owned this bitch. Grrr. Particularly crappy because I'd completely donked out of the 50-50 and the 28k was nothing exceptional. Then this comes along. I stole, I bullied, I read like the cards were face-up, and I lost on a river. I think they call that poker.

That's what I get for not betting more aggressively on the flop guess. It is my fault, right?

BTW - Phil went out 3 after me. The guy who crippled me? Out 58th. I owe everyone a dollar.

Thanks to LJ, Tragedy and Bayne for railing. It was much appreciated. Sorry I kept you up.

There was no big hand to get me here. I stole, re-stole, and bullied my way up. And I did it quickly.

This explains the 1700 entrants. Phil Gordon playing a $10 MTT online. Man did I want that bounty. I had chips on him all night. BTW - I folded a Q pre-flop :).

And how I finished. Far less impressive than the first picture.

Oh, and congrats to Mike_Maloney for taking 3rd in the 24k! Awesome job. He also took 1st in the Donkament.


Dillo said...

Hey Astin. Nice work on the tables. Always great to read your hand histories and thinking behind your play. It backs up your results, which continue to rock.

Just wanted to say thanks for giving me some feedback re screen shot capture and hand history programmes. Very much appreciated. It's great that some of you experienced guys are happy to get behind the n00bs.

Keep up the great blog. It's one of the best going around.

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Nicely done! Going deep in a 1000+ entrants tourney is always tough.

Astin said...

No problem Dillo. This whole blogger group is a pretty welcoming and helpful bunch. We just need to find you :).

And thanks for the praise. Made my weekend :).

Alan - Now if only I could actually cash BIG in one of them.