Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mixed Nuts

I was curious how the MATH would play after Hoy's revealing Friday post. It didn't disappoint.

Bayne_s goes gigli. Miamidon out second. IslandBum1 was the fourth one out. Osu and Recessrampage finished in 45th and 40th respectively. Newinnov was the bubble boy. Iggy, Jeciimd went out in the teens, and BuddyDank went out just before me. Wow.

I held on the longest of the 10, going out in 10th on a perhaps ill-advised move that almost worked. A3d on the button with a fairly short stack (let's say M under 7) cmitch raising pre-flop when just about anything was going. I push and get called with A9o. Two diamonds on the flop, but no improvement and only 2 overcards to the 9, so no split. Ah well. I wanted to see another final table and the cash, but I wasn't about to try and limp my way in. Considering I'd chipped up from 700 chips and last place with 20-something left, I'm not complaining.

Things were going well until Chad got bored and played push-or-fold for an orbit or so. Not that I had anything worth playing in that span. I did put out a feeler raise with QJo at one point that he came over the top of. I was tempted to call, but I greatly dislike QJo for all the right reasons. Lucky me, this started with him calling my push with a weaker ace, which kept me alive.

5 events left I think? Should be interesting.

Played the 26k too, which was a bad idea. Went out in the 900's with over 1300 starting. 30 minutes, 400 people gone, and then me. I played like a donk for 20 minutes, chipped back up to a starting stack, and made a move against an unfortunately better hand. Ah well.

Before that though, I was having fun with the level 1 tokens. 2 $8 Turbos and 2 $6 6-handed in 2 hours. Finished 6th and 7th in the $8 and 2nd both times in the 6-handed. It essentially worked out to about a $3 profit... woohoo. The $8 turbos are of course a favourite, but I'm really liking the 6-handed ones more and more. They're soft, and it plays really well to my game. Then again, I've always preferred short-handed play. It allows for a wider range and forces aggression and control.

It was a strange night though. I was exhausted, full, and running purely on energy drink by the time 10:00 rolled around. My desktop was full of windows - chat, poker, web, BuddyDank radio, e-mail. The TV was on for a while too, and for some reason I decided it would be a good time to pick a paint colour for my solarium. Needless to say, I was multi-tasking like mad. And then, for some reason, I decided to get in line for the blogger cash game after I was knocked out. Luckily for me, I didn't get in before common sense took over and I called it a night. The fact my VCR clock is an hour fast helped.

Tonight will be filled with chores methinks. Finish up the laundry, and clean my damn floors already. I'm pretty sure I could put together another cat and a family of dust bunnies with what needs to be swept. If I get that done, then I'll probably swing by the Monkey Tourney on Stars at 8:30. It's ISS Spock's WWdN replacement, and I'm curious as to how it will play out now that a large chunk of the "OMG IT'S WIL!" crowd will be gone.


lj said...

QJ off is gold!

Astin said...

You keep using those words, but I do not think they mean what you think they mean. :)

lj said...

wait. i'm confused. gold = shit?