Thursday, June 28, 2007


First, at Alan's request: Dinner was okay. My steak was incredibly salty, but otherwise cooked right and tasty. Wine was great, and the key lime pie was awesome as soon as you got rid of the ridiculous amount of whipped cream. I left with the belt loosened and stumbled home to collapse on my couch for 2 hours. So that's a good sign.

For the record - tonight's dinner was a hot dog from a cart on the way home after a couple beers.

Mookie - out 40-something, pre-points. Aces cracked by NumbersGame's QQ crippled me, and I treaded water with 357 chips for a bit and eventually went out with some A-high hand.

50-50 - Cashed again. 125th, so that was good for about $87. Didn't do much this time around. Not a lot of cards, but pocket sevens that turned into a flopped boat helped at one point. Stolen blinds with about 50 to go to the money kept me afloat. I tried to steal with A4d before the bubble, and got re-raised by an all-in AKo for about 1800 chips more. I called and nothing improved for either of us. Finally went out after the bubble pushing over the top from the BB with AJo and meeting my old nemesis AKo again. JQx on the flop, T on the turn... bye me.

Also jumped in the blogger 1/2 for the first time since it used to be popular. Made a bit, but then got killed by the big hands. KK beat by Don's straight (I believe him). I had to throw them away on the flop when he put me all-in with an A, straight draw, and failed flush draw on the board. I put him on the flush draw with middle cards, and was half right. Honestly? If I wasn't in the process of being knocked out of the 50-50 at the same time, I call based on my read, but I suddenly didn't want to get knocked out simultaneously and folded. I guess that's weak of me.

Then AA went down to WildDuces235's flopped set of sixes. I don't have a problem folding aces, but I saw nothing on the board to scare me (no flush, no straight, no connected cards at all), and did my usual brilliance of betting into the better hand the whole way down. With $26 left in front of me on the river and the pot over $100, I had to put it in on that board (2J6K4 rainbow)... hoping for the jackace, and not the rivered straight (seemed HIGHLY unlikely) or KJ. Nope... sixes. Set of evil.

*EDIT: Just a quick welcome to WildDuces. New Blog, kicked my aces last night, and is ALSO a 26k winner (from back in May if I'm reading through the glare properly). Seems he's got some game. Welcome to our dysfunctional cadre of donkeys. Now learn how to take a screen shot. :)

My second cracked aces of the night was enough to get me to stand up and call it a night instead of continuing my donation. I guess I'm still getting hands, but now they aren't holding up. I should have played my crap hands all night, it would have been an embarrassment of winning straights.

Good blogger turnout in the 50-50. Chad, Hoy, Alan, cmitch, me... anyone else? And someone going by Tasit who has played in 3 BBT events and obviously reads here since we had a discussion about my recent dinners :). So here's a shout-out to tasit, because it's always awesome to be recognized at the tables.

Riverchasers tomorrow. THAT should be interesting. Maybe I'll 3-table it with the 50-50 and the 26k. I won a token in my sleep last night (literally... I was drifting in and out to the final 5. Woke up and pushed and won 6 straight hands to finish 1st), so it should be put to donkish use.

I need to get my cash game back. It's sucked hard of late, and that's no good for the bankroll. That or start crushing the SnG's.


Update - Congrats to RecessRampage! 103rd in the 50-50 and WINNER of the Mookie. Damn, now I've dropped in the standings. :)


Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Cmitch was in the 50-50 also and made it deep until he got crippled by my all in (I had AQ, he had JJ). Blogger on blogger violence... hate to see that in a big tourney like that... unless it's the final table of course.

Schaubs said...

See you tonight at the RC. Keep rollin'.