Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Lather, Rinse...


10th in the MATH for the 2nd straight week. Much like the Mookie, I was a total lucksack, but this time I went card dead during the all-in fest that was the final 18. In the end, my all-in reraise with A9o against leftylu's KJo (after he'd been raising my button repeatedly) failed to catch after a J hit on the flop. No regrets. I outlasted everyone but Iggy and Bayne ahead of me, and Newinnov went out right after me, so he only gained a little in the mighty point race

I told Hoy and others that these would get posted. There will be scrolling.

The NEXT hand after the Aces.

Right after the AK

Right after the previous 66

And Then we were on the FIRST BREAK.

This is what I get for slowplaying

That was the last big hand I saw. Stole a few blinds after, and that was it.

As for other "pretty" hands that didn't make screen shots:

1 AQ
2 AJ
6 KQ
3 KJ
1 QJ
10 Pocket Pairs (all but 1 < 77)
4 hammers (+1 suited)

Plus a ton of Ax (including a lot of AT), and suited Ax.

So I'm obviously a complete and total donk to go out in 10th with that rack of cards. Would have been much better timing to get hit in the face with the deck after the 3rd break instead of before the 1st.


Congats to Bayne for taking down yet ANOTHER BBT event. Really, this is getting old now. I believe this now gives him the Mookie, regular Riverchasers and MATH triple crown at the moment. Making him a defending champ in all three.


lj said...

i'm almost rendered speechless. that's amazing! are you generally able to gather up chips w/ all of these glorious hands? or do people fold to even the smallest bet by you now?

Astin said...

I'm just waiting for the door to swing the other way. This run has gone on too long.

More often than not I'm taking blinds or small pots with these. Last night was a bit more favourable in terms of return.

Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean said...

What a TOTAL Luckbox!

Nice set of hands, though I agree with you that I would rather have them after the second and third breaks rather than early.

Congrats on still showing everyone "Da Skillz".

I still have you on my fantasy BBT Poker team!

bayne_s said...

Nice run lucksak!

Need to learn to save some of those for late in a tournament

katitude said...

I am waiting for the run to leave you in favour of your neighbour to the east (ME!) *grin.

Nice going Astin :-)

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

That is one effing sick run of cards my man. I had no idea it was that bad.

How did you not cash last night again?

Astin said...

Most of those came pre first break, so it I didn't exactly get maximum value for them. By the time the 3rd break rolled around, I went fairly card dead in the face of pushmonkeys. Somehow, A4o against an all-in 7 handed just didn't appeal to me.