Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sleep Beats MATH

First - BamBam - let's do round 2. The only reason I keep donating to you is so I can take it back in February. Not that I'm that worried about Green Bay. I mean, that QB with the unpronounceable 5-letter last name will likely dislocate his hip or something as he's carrying his grandkids around on his walker before the game. Or he'll have to change his depends before the half. Incontinence is a bitch. No worries. Giants SMASH!

I love throwing bad money after bad.

So I played in the MATH last night. Yet another $8 token. Probably the easiest I've ever won. I forgot how bad those things were. I went out 12th on probably the dumbest hand I've played in years. Here it is (as best as I can recall).

I have 74c in the BB, just after the break, so blinds are 80/160 I think. I have around 3800 in chips, so I'm not in panic mode by a long shot, sitting in 11/13 and it's 5-handed. UTG raises to 480, 2 callers, and I'm getting 4:1 to call. So I call.

flop comes AKA, two clubs. Shit. Checks all around. Turn comes 8o, and Swimmom (SB) puts out a measley little bet of 480 into the 1920 pot. I call. Twoblackaces calls, and the 4th player folds. River comes 6c and Swimmom goes all-in. I don't put her on AK, so I call. As soon as I do, I freeze... twoblackaces thinks for a while and pushes all-in over top (he has me well covered), but I feel pretty committed at this point with only 940 chips left behind and around 10k in the pot, so I make the crying call hoping I'm against two A-notking hands.

Nope, Swimmom has pocket eights for the baby boat, and TBA has the AK for the nuts.

I'd like to say I just dumped my chips because I was falling asleep in my chair and wanted to go to bed, but it was really just some horrible play by yours truly. I WAS falling asleep in my chair and did go to bed right after, but that's beside the point. I failed to listen to every instinct along the way. I figured two shitty s00000ted cards would be good if they caught, even though the voice was telling me I should probably fold. I feared AK, but instead of trusting that someone (and I pegged TBA as being most likely) had it, I kept going. Then I focused on Swimmom and ignored the player to my left once she started betting. Hell, even in the end, I knew I had to be beat and threw in my last few chips instead of holding on and seeing if something better came along. Terrible, and I ended up on the rail where I belonged.

One question though... was Twoblackaces slowrolling here or playing it up because he figured I might fold with 940 chips left and a 10k pot?

At least I slept well. Looks like Twoblackaces won the thing too. Congrats! Always nice to see my chips used better than I used them.


Fred aka TwoBlackAces said...

Astin, I can assure you that I wasn't slowrolling. I had 5 tables going, on my laptop no less, and was probably delayed by decisions on other tables. Sorry if it appeared that way.

Unknown said...

Sorry for exhausting you with my killer Gin playing.

BamBam said...

Take it off me in February?

Anyone can do that! Find a challenge man!

Ok we're on.

As for Brett, his depends and age seem to be serving him well this year...... NO?